Cracked windows…

The Turning Torso is a building with some special effects. Some of them aren’t intended but they are a result of the special construction. Turning Torso is situated very close to the sea and the wind or storm can be heavy. The construction is twisted and, as in all buildings, there are movement within the construction. Cracked windows is a result of the natural movement within the construction due to heavy wind or change in temperature.

Not everybody knows that there are quite some windows broken every year in the building. When the construction moves it stresses the glass in the windows. Some of them can’t handle the movement and they crack and get broken.

One example:

cracked windows


They say that the sound of a cracking window is very loud – almost like the sound of a gunshot. This happens even for the tenants. An unexpected event. However the windows are changed – this is known and part of the normal maintenance of the building.