43rd floor

43rd floor in Turning Torso

Outside the elevator you’ll find the corridor softly curved. Here you can see where you are ”in writing”. Yes it’s right – we’ve reached the 43rd floor.


The 43rd floor is situated between the two highest cubes of Turning Torso. At this level it’s all up to the weather. This cloudy day the view was a bit limited. The feeling of being in an aeroplane is present. Way up in the sky…..

Even at this level there are some necessary rooms. Mark the angels that nearly fool your brain and make you feel unsure of what is straight or leaned…



The 43rd floor includes a relaxing area with jaccuzzi. There is a room for exercise with a nice view. Though everything seems to be leaning you have a wonderful view. Even the exercise room seems a bit twisted.


Turning Torso is really turning and twisting. The walls are leaning into the room….