1. Feelings

TT003In long distance you can see the new landmark of Malmö. Turning Torso looks like a column as it raises towards the sky. A lot of people are amazed by the strange building, of the construction that we´ve never seen the resemblance of and as also tricks our eye. From different angels the house seems to lean in different directions – sometimes more and sometimes less. However it doesn’t.

It is impossible not to be impressed! Impressed by the creativity of the arcitect as well as the courage of the decision-makers at HSB that dared to do something so different – in the small town of Malmö.

Turning Torso has been (and is still) something that the local press likes to write about. Even internationally it’s gotten some attention. The local press has been writing about the large amount of money that has been involved, but maybe the papers also like to talk about it because it is a bit ”un-swedish”.

The building is totally different than everything else to be seen in Malmö. It is an odd buiding, higher than all other houses, thin and differently shaped and in fact – it does not fit in. One could say that it is a bit provocative where it is standing looking down on the inhabitants in and around Malmö.

Some people like the house – others don´t. Today a lot of people in Malmö are proud to show the house to visitors. And a lot of people get impressed or fascinated when they see it.

A walk in Västra Hamnen (the Western Harbour Area) of Malmö – and you automatically glance upwards to look at the fascinating Turning Torso. It is impossible not to….

TT009Leaning – or warped? Strange shape of a house? And why build this really high house in Malmö? Malmö is Swedens 3rd biggest city with around 300.000 inhabitants. It’s a flat town without hills or mountains. Since the 1960’ies there has only been one hight building and it’s called Kronprinsen (26 floors). Otherwise the buildings normally are 4-6 floors. The question is if you want to put a high building that would certainly had been enough in order to get attention. So why pick a twisted shape? People say that it only makes it more difficult – and more expensive…?

The discussions around the house is very common. Taking a sunday walk, strawling, looking. However Turning Torso can´t leave you neutral. And – maybe… that´s exactly the point…..