7. Technique and security

Technique and security in Turning Torso

The technique and the security in Turning Torso is high. All the rooms have secure windows. It is possible to open them, but just in order to get some fresh air. You can’t open them completely out of security reasons. There is district heating and aircondition in order to adjust the climat indoors according to your own needs and requirement.

Individual measurement

A special feature is individual measurement of heat, electricity and hot water for each apartment. You pay for your own consumption. That is a not normal in Sweden. If you live in the building it is possible to monitor your consumption or call the concierge at the webb of HSB – Turning Torso.


Technique and security in Turning TorsoPark your car in the car park i the house next door. It is possible to walk from this car park indoors to Turning Torso. In this house you also find the storehouse for each apartment.

Cameras for surveillance is everywhere and monitors different parts of the building in order to get the best security.

Turning Torso is fully sprinkled – in all places in the building. One of the elevators are special made for emergency use and for evacuating.

Other features:

– Every room has secure windows.
– No extra charge for cleaning the windows. Included in the rent.
– District heating & air condition
– Individually measure of consumption for every apartment (heating, electricity, water)
– Car park in the house next door. You don’t have to walk outside.
– Extra storage space in the Car park house.
– Bus stop just outside Turning Torso


– Sprinklers everywhere – in every space in the house
– A special elevator made for evacuating or personell from fire brigade or police