5. Apartments in Turning Torso

About the apartments in Turning Torso

Apartments in Turning TorsoThe main part of Turning Torso consists of apartments to rent. There are 147 apartments and a total living area of 13.500 m². The apartments are in cube 3-9 that is in the highest situated cubes in the building. There are 3 high speed elevatore to transport the tenants within the building. It only takes about 38 sec to reach the top in one of these fast elevators.

The level of service is high for the tenents. A Conciérger offers different services to make life easier for the people who lives in the building. Reception is open 24/7.

As a tenant, if you have visitors, it is possible to use the guest rooms on floor 43. If you want to relax there is a gym and sauna on the same floor. There is also a room with a view on the 43rd suitable for 20 people. You find the same on the 49th floor. These floors are between the cubes 7 and 8 – and 8 and 9.

There are also available offices for the tenants – on floor number 1.

If you are into wine – you could have your own part in the big wine cellar – in the basement.

On floor 7 there is a room suitable for celebrations and dinners – made for approximately 30 guests.


Number of apartments: 147
Total area: 13 500 m²
Situated: cube 3-9
Elevators: 3 Hight speed elevators

FACILITIES for the tenants

PRkonflokalGuest rooms: 3 — on floor 43.
Sauna: 2 — on floor 43
Gym: — on floor 43
View: 2 — on floor 43 and 49.
Party: on floor 7. 30 pers.
Wine cellar: Own place in the wine cellar is available
Private office: On floor 1 is 8 offices
Reception: 24 h
Concièrger offers services in order to make life easier for the tenants.